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Over the years the most common question that I would be asked when meeting someone new has always been, “what do you do?” My answer usually consisted of these responses, “I am home raising my kids” or when I worked outside the home it was whatever occupation I held at that time, usually some Office Administrative position. In all these years, photography has been more of a side hustle. I was paid for my services but yet I never offered “portrait photographer” as an answer for “what do you do?”

Going All In! My journey of full time photography!

February 6, 2021

All things business

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Shopping for wedding vendors can be stressful and many bridal couples have no idea where to start. I’ve put together a list of tips to help you get started and learn how to pick your ideal wedding photographer for your dream wedding, one who will exceed your expectations and go above and beyond to serve you.

Tips to help you find YOUR ideal Wedding Photographer

June 30, 2021


Finding your ideal wedding photographer

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Yikes… you have a beautiful couple and the light could not be more gorgeous! You start out strong and suddenly you have NO IDEA what pose is next! Does this happen to you? No? Is it just me? Well it used to be… Before I spent a ton of time and money on all things […]

Pose your clients confidently!

March 31, 2021


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If you’re reading this and considering booking for your own senior photography session, this blog post is for you! I want you to know your grade 12 year is such an incredible season full of memories that will leave a lasting impact on your heart: friendships, grad events, prom, campus visits and big decisions. And, […]

Why book Senior Photography Session ?

March 25, 2021

All things business